There are many reasons people travel. You may be searching for a hotel to book, whether you are taking a vacation, traveling for business, or going to a concert.

Before booking a hotel, travelers consider many factors such as location, amenities, and price. We’ll be discussing three types of hotel guests and what they expect from a hotel.


Tourists come from far away and want to see the best of a new area. But what are leisure and tourist travelers looking for in a hotel?

Tourists will desire to visit the area and take part in other activities. A package that includes a hotel room and passes to local attractions is a great option. These packages are great for tourists as they allow them to do all they like while still saving money.

You can choose a Stay and Play package when you book at Warehouse Hotel, Spooky Nook Sports property. These packages offer great rates for rooms and tickets to local attractions like Hersheypark and Sight and Sound Theater.


Businesspeople travel to conventions to stay abreast of industry trends and build relationships with potential clients. Business travelers travel differently from those who travel for pleasure. What are the hotel features that business travelers should look for?

Business travelers are tourists on a mission. They’re here to do work. While they are not visiting the sites, they may be interested in local coffee shops and restaurants that they can use for both business and personal reasons. Their days are often long and filled with meetings. They will most likely want to go back to their rooms and relax before starting the next day.

Business travelers may look for hotels that have a meeting or conference room. They may need somewhere to hold presentations or luncheons, regardless of how large or small the gathering is.

These hotel guests will need WiFi, preferably high-speed and free, to complete their work. Business travelers often look for hotels that have a spa or gym so they can do their workouts or relax when they have more time.


These travelers are not on vacation but are traveling to attend an event. These event travelers could be going to a convention, a wedding, or any other type of event. They have different needs and preferences for their hotel, just like tourists or business travelers.

Event attendees can be a mixture of business and leisure travelers. Some might want to attend the conference and relax alone in their rooms, and others might be looking to explore the city more in their off-hours.

These travelers are looking for entertainment and dining options close to their hotel when they’re not attending the event. They don’t want too far if they have only a few minutes between panels or before another event.

Sometimes their event takes place right at the hotel. But if it’s not, they don’t want to travel too far. They don’t want them to stay up later or get up earlier if the event is ongoing all day.