Three Steps to Streamline Your Hotel’s Social Media Strategy

Three Steps to Streamline Your Hotel’s Social Media Strategy

Social media and keeping in touch with guests are crucial during this time. We get it. You’re busy. Who has the time?

There are many options for organizing a social media strategy in your hotel. You’re not the only one who is fumbling with your strategy. Small hotels are often overwhelmed by competing priorities and manage social media only when they have five seconds to spare.

What if we told you that you could save time and keep your content consistent on social media?

We’ll show how to do it in just three easy steps

  • How to identify social media content buckets that will support your hotel’s brand vision
  • How to make the most of social media content.
  • How to select the best place and method to share your social media content to maximize the impact

Create Branded Content Buckets

Are there business pillars in your hotel? If yes, you will need to create social media content buckets that support each of them.

Start with your Mission Statement

Don’t worry if you don’t have pillars for your business. These pillars are generally based on the mission statement of your hotel. There’s no better time than the present to create one. We all know Hilton’s mission statement. Let’s take it as an example.

To be the warmest company globally, creating memorable experiences for guests, meaningful opportunities and value for owners, and making a positive difference in our local communities.

Maximize Social Media Content and Repurpose

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the content? Take a deep breath, and we’ll show you how you can maximize what you already have and create more.

While algorithms favor the more-content-the-better approach (with Facebook recommendations at 3-7 posts a week and Instagram at 7-10 posts a week), the ball is in your court in terms of your capacity. Post consistently, regardless of the cadence.

For maximum impact, share your social media content.

How do you share it on social media once you have all your content planned and ready to go? It doesn’t mean you have to be on every social media platform. We recommend against it. Do your best work on the platforms that align with your business, such as Instagram and Facebook.

It’s not as easy as sharing content across platforms. Each platform has its purpose.

Here is a list of the most popular channels today and their best-known features:

  • Facebook is for the Heart
  • Instagram is inspirational
  • Twitter is for the brain
  • LinkedIn is great for business
  • YouTube is entertainment
  • Pinterest is great for dreaming and planning
  • TikTok is all about having fun

Consider the purpose of each social network channel, and adjust your content accordingly. There are many options:

  1. You can share the same content (picture or story, video), but you should alter the description to align it with the platform’s purpose.
  2. Choose the best platform to share your content on. All content does not have to be shared on every channel.

Your audience should have a reason to follow your channels. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same thing. You can still follow your audience on one channel.

BONUS: Social Media Management

You can use a spreadsheet to map out your content buckets and the content that falls within them. Then, you can decide which platforms to share it on.

We recommend using social media management software to plan and schedule your content. A tool such as Hootsuite or Loomly can be used to schedule all your social media accounts for the month. They will automatically post your content according to the schedule and capture analytics.