Five Key PMS Integrations to Create a Personal Guest Experience

Five Key PMS Integrations to Create a Personal Guest Experience

Hospitality is always about the guest. It’s easy for people to get distracted by new marketing platforms or the latest technology. But it comes down to making guests happy. COVID-19, in particular, has stressed the importance of focusing on the guest to make sure they feel valued and safe. It has been a key component of winning loyal customers. However, personalizing the guest experience is even more important in today’s socially distant world, where it is harder to win.

These five hotel tech solutions can be integrated with property management systems (PMS), allowing personalization and enhanced guest experiences.


Customer relationship management (CRM) or guest relationship management(GRM) solutions such as Cendyn and Salesforce collect and use guest data to create rich guest profiles and deliver targeted email campaigns to increase guest engagement. Communication can be customized to match the property’s branding and triggered automatically based on reservation data (such as guest preferences, rate codes and stay dates) and tracked to increase guest engagement.

Guest messaging

Recent surveys have shown that most consumers want to be able to communicate via text messaging with businesses. Guest messaging solutions like Akia and Whistle are more relevant to the business-consumer relationship because of social distancing.

Guest messaging offers unique advantages over other communication methods. Text messages allow hotels to show their human side by communicating with guests friendly, instant, and personable. Text messaging has an open rate of nearly 100 percent. The right messaging solution can allow lodging operators to keep track of chat history data that can help improve guest experiences.

Entry without key

Keyless entry solutions are becoming more important as hotels implement check-in procedures that minimize or eliminate physical interaction at the front desk to comply with COVID-19 protocols. Keyless entry is part of a self-check-in process. It eliminates the need for physical room keys and makes it unnecessary to visit the front desk.

Self-check-in with Keyless Entry is a better way to provide hospitality. Guests can access their rooms immediately without registering at the front desk. The PMS integrates the keyless entry system, and the guest receives a mobile key or keycode for keypad doors. This key is valid for the entire stay. A quick and friendly check-in process greatly enhances a guest’s satisfaction. The use of keyless entry to self-check-in speeds up the process and, thanks to data integration, creates a personalized, streamlined experience.

In-room entertainment

Guests expect the same level of convenience and access in their rooms as they do at home when it comes to in-room entertainment. Today’s guests expect interactive media experiences and access to their favorite content on their guestroom TV.

The entertainment system in your room is an important part of your stay. It is important to allow guests to access their favorite content while traveling, just like they can at home. This allows for a more personal experience and increases guest satisfaction.

Modern in-room entertainment solutions, such as those offered by Enseo or SONIFI, are best integrated into the PMS to increase security and billing accuracy.

Reputation management

A hotel’s recovery depends on its ability to manage its online reputation. COVID-19 remains a threat. However, travelers who are cautious about choosing accommodations will still be able to rely on reviews from recent guests. To ensure their safety, travelers will look for reviews that confirm the cleanliness of hotels and any preventative measures taken. They will notice inadequacies in service and warn others by leaving negative reviews. Hotels must not only successfully implement visible preventative measures but also increase their online reviews.

While we all do our best to navigate this new normal, guests will be grateful for the opportunity to provide feedback that will define their guest experience. If done right, guests will feel valued when asked for feedback. Integrating your PMS and an automated reputation management system such as Redefine or BlueJay Review will ensure that all guests are asked for feedback. This will improve your guest experience and increase your property’s online visibility. For a personalized experience, post-stay surveys can be tailored to specific guest segments using PMS data.