TikTok Tips for Hotels

TikTok Tips for Hotels

TikTok is well-known for its short but addictive videos. You’d be forgiven for not considering it as a way to market your hotel, except perhaps when the social media platform surpassed Google.

Is there a TikTok place for your hotel on the site? Based on the potential organic reach and demographics of TikTok, there is a strong argument to include it in your hotel’s marketing strategy. This article will explain everything, and we’ll also give you some examples of how your hotel can use TikTok to make bookings more profitable. Let’s dig in!

TikTok Demographics are Fit for Hotel Travel

TikTok boasts a billion monthly active users and 131 million users over 18 in the United States. Nearly 41% of the platform’s users are between 16 and 24, also known as Gen Z. 67% of its audience is older than 25. Global users comprise 57% females and 43% males.

What does all this mean for hoteliers? To generalize:

  • While gender can be split in half, it is important to appreciate your feminine side.
  • Gen Z (18-21 years old) and Millennials (26-41 years old) love sharing their experiences and exploring new places on social media.
  • This younger generation is not interested in fake advertising, particularly Gen Z, who are digital natives.

TikTok Advertising in Hotels

TikTok accounts are one of few social media platforms that still have a strong organic reach. TikTok advertising may be changing, but it is still very young. TikTok is best accessed organically.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to advertise on the platform. You don’t need to worry about finding an agency or creating high-quality short-form videos. It doesn’t matter if the ad is a commercial. It should feel natural and relevant to the platform. TikTok has an ad center that provides detailed information about ad specifications.

TikTok Content Examples For Hotels

Social media influences 39% of Gen Z when they plan their travels, while 28% use it to research their destinations. However, they don’t believe in travel clichés. For a full feed of travel-related Instagram hashtags, visit any of the following: POV of legs at the beach, photos of landmark selfies, food shots, and POV of legs at the pool. All those iconic travel photos that were once so popular on Instagram are now a problem on TikTok.

  • Run a TikTok Contest or create a TikTok challenge: Hotwire employed about 20 creators under their #HotwireHotelGoals hashtag campaign to kick off a trend that Jason Derulo eventually judged. You could also test smaller “comment-like-and-share” campaigns.
  • Get in touch with influencers. Increase your reach by working alongside influencers for payment or services. Hotwire almost exclusively uses third-party content for some funny results rather than creating their content. Influencers can also feature your property on their roundups or accounts, such as this one that showcases top-rated hotels in New York.
  • Give your brand ambassador or influencer a campaign of their own: The Marriott Bonvoy Tiki Correspondent Recruitment video has been viewed more than two million times. All entries may have received more views cumulatively than that, such as this one with more than 30,000 views. The Marriott Bonvoy’s followers increase as the number of entries increases! This account is a great source of inspiration. They are so influential in their field that they can create their trends.

TikTok Tips For Hotels

Although ‘TikTok Tips for Hotels’ could be a whole blog post, we have touched on it here to make it easier. As you learn, you will also grow. To get the most out of TikTok, spend some time there. Have fun! If you have someone who is already TikTok-aware, that’s even better.

  • Videos should reflect the spirit of the platform and not be too polished.
  • Enjoy short videos and bite-sized content.
  • Use relevant hashtags like #TikTokTravel to increase your video views. It currently has 27 billion. For hashtag ideas, follow accounts in the hospitality sector (and see which kind of content they are most successful at).
  • You don’t have to limit your videos to hotel content. You can also focus on local attractions, which will increase your reach and appeal to wider audiences.
  • You can make your brand more human by using humor, dancing and other forms of entertainment. Exclusive content on your social media platforms gives people a reason to follow you.

TikTok may be the elixir of a heavy world. Although it doesn’t have all rainbows and unicorns and dance routines on the platform, it is well-known for entertaining content that can be scrolled away. Because many people use TikTok to escape the daily grind, it is a great partner for hotel marketing. TikTok is a great tool to reach large audiences and help you get your message across. Don’t delay in getting started. You can get ahead of your competition and still have organic reach. This will ensure that you experience success. Just make sure you have the camera ready for your happy dance!